Why buying a Hand Crafted Guitar?

  • You are always in direct contact with me (Leo Eimers), the luthier that will build your guitar, from the first e-mail/phone contact until the delivery of your guitar.
  • When ordered, in many cases the dimensions of the guitar, use of woods and hardware can be adapted to the preferences of the customer. So, in fact almost every guitar is a  CUSTOM made guitar.
  • Each guitar is unique.
  • You will profit from years of specialisation, experience and craftmanship
  •  Many great players in the gypsy jazz world play Eimers Guitars (Stochelo Rosenberg, Wawau Adler, Boulou and Elios Ferre, Robin Nolan.
  • And above all, you will own a truly hand-crafted guitar

> ‘Hand-crafted’

When buying a guitar almost any manufacturer will state that the guitar was ‘hand-crafted’. It seems that the phrase ‘hand-crafted’ is an important sales issue, an additional value. When looking more closer many manufacturers use computerized machines to produce individual guitar parts or use pre-fabricated parts. Workers assemble the guitars from these parts. In this way a consistent product can be made, fast and in big numbers. When this process is done in low paying countries the price of such guitars is also very attractive. It is not my intention to criticize this modern approach of guitar construction in any respect. I will use it as a reference to explain my perception what is the true added value of a ‘hand-crafted’ guitar as in my own approach.

> Truly hand-crafted

The term ‘hand-crafted’ from my perspective comes from those days where a luthier and other instrument makers didn’t have much more than a few chisels to build their instruments. These highly skilled craftsmen were able to produce beautiful instruments with very little means. They build their instruments with their heart and hands. In the old days, the luthier’s relationship with the bare woods was close, not interfered by machinery to work it. In this way, year after year, he developed an understanding for the woods he worked with. Depending on the specifications of the woods, determined by holding and feeling it, he was able to shave of exactly the correct amount of a specific part so it could contribute optimally to the instrument. In this way, he made hundreds of the same instruments, refining it and searching for the perfect instrument. All the gathered information about woods and skills during this ongoing repetitive process was a quality stamp on each individual instrument he made. A hand-crafted instrument made by one and the same person, unique and of exceptional high quality.

> Eimers Guitars

My approach to building guitars is based upon and inspired by the traditional luthiers. That is also the reason why I still work alone. Eimers Guitars is a one-man-company.  It is the basis of my approach to guitar making. I am specialized in building and restoring Selmer style guitars for more than 15 years. Eimers Guitars is not a production driven company, but a small high end company with craftmanship and quality. You can’t buy a Eimers Guitars in every shop you walk in to. Because I work alone the production of instruments is limited. I am not able to supply many dealers all over the world. However, that didn’t prevent hundreds of customers in the last 10 years from over 27 countries in the world to find me. They contacted me through my web site and discussed the special features they preferred on their