The workshop

I started building my first Maccaferri/Selmer type guitar about 15 years ago in a small (bed)room, with nothing more than a workbench and some standard hand tools. After that I moved to a house with a big garage in Ijsselstein (see photo 1).

This gave me the opportunity to buy a small band saw and a bigger workbench! After this starting period, I was able to rent a place in Vinkeveen where I had enough workspace (see photo 2), but was somewhat far from my home.

Finally, in 2004, I ended up in Almere where I can both live and work now.(see photo 3, 4 & 5). Although I have a bigger place to work, my approach to guitar making didn’t change much. My current workshop (140 square meters) is located directly next to my house in the town of Almere (near Amsterdam). It’s still not very large, but I am completely self supporting. It’s packed with workbenches, molds and wood. I also have a corner where I do metal work like making tuners (using a lathe). I also have a small spray booth where I finish (lacquer) the guitars. When I started to build guitars I made many tools myself, like clamps, presses, and even a thickness sander. Tools I still use after many years of guitar construction. In the workshop I have a small showroom where customers can play the guitars I have in stock.

You are welcome to visit my workshop.