Custom guitars

> Introduction
Many customers who order a guitar have specific preferences like the location of the position dots, the shape and thickness of the neck, woods, hardware etc. In principle is every ordered guitar a custom guitar. This page is dedicated to customers who want take the customizing of their guitar a bit further. These customers often provide me with drawings or photos about woods, construction, inlays and finishes. Together we ‘design’ the guitar based on the basic Selmer style, which can result in an unique instrument.
On request I can perform:

  • inlays
  • custom wood combinations for neck, body and bindings
  • alternative hardware (tailpiece, tuners)
  • alternative pickup
  • re-shaping of the headstock, fret board, bridge and moustaches
  • etc.

> Example 1: Mark’s design

> Example 2: Flamed Maple

> Example 3: Rob’s thin nylon string Maccaferri

> Example 4: Bertino’s guitar


> Example 5: Matthieu Cleutjens

Matthieu was a professional banjo player for many years, and he is big fan of the Rosenberg Trio. He asked me to build a tenor Maccaferri model with a neck shaped according to his banjo neck. The final result was an unique instrument. More depth and sustain then on Matthieu his banjo. It opened up a new musical world for him !




> Example 6: Willem van Looveren

Willem asked for a modified Nympheas model. He designed his personal sound hole and rosette. The back and sides of the guitar are made from solid flamed Maple. It has several nice features like the 5 part neck, the binding around the headstock and fret board.




> Example 7: Djangolin

Based on the Maccaferri outlines I build this mandolin for my brother Ton.Hand carved spruce top, hand carved back made from Indian Rosewood and Birdseye Maple. 4 piece Birdseye neck. Own design headstock inspired by the F4 mandolin.




Example 8: DJANGUS

In my workshop there are several posters hanging on the wall of all my favorite guitar players. Amongst them a poster of AC/DC’s Angus Young, and Django Reinhardt. Staring at the both of them I came up with the idea to build combination of Django his Selmer and Angus his  red Gibson SG and named the guitar; DJANGUS ! After I finished the guitar I contacted my friend Robin Nolan and presented him the guitar. We discussed a project CD with AC/DC tunes in gipsy jazz style. Robin took it from there and made a great CD.



If you are interested in having build a guitar of your own design drop me an e-mail or call me!