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> DVD: Jazz Manouche in the style of Stochelo Rosenberg

In 1989, The Rosenberg Trio released “Seresta”, a ground breaking album which served notice to the world that a new master of the jazz manouche guitar style had arrived. By mixing the music of Django Reinhardt with bebop, traditional gypsy waltzes, Latin jazz and many other influences, Stochelo and his band mates created a uniquely personal style of jazz manouche.

Over the years, Stochelo has refined his technique to a highly efficient level. His speed is breath-taking to behold. Notes explode from his guitar. His ability to articulate notes cleanly adds to the illusion of speed. His vibrato is supple and his sense of time is impeccable. Watching Stochelo play helps the viewer to understand what is possible when technique is subservient to the music.

Over 3 hrs of Instruction!

Topics covered include:
The DVD is divided into two parts. In “The Songs”, Stochelo is accompanied by Denis as they demonstrate Stochelo’s style at slow, medium and fast tempos on 35 songs, in the Django style. The songs were selected to demonstrate all of the common chord changes in the contemporary jazz manouche repertoire.

The second section is divided into two parts. “Rhythm Overview” is where Stochelo gives valuable insight into his approach to rhythm playing. Stochelo demonstrates good and bad rhythm as well as his approach to bossa, rumba, waltz, rumba-waltz and bolero rhythms. Proper chord shapes and sequences are shown for four songs. Finally in “Lead Guitar”, Stochelo deals with vibrato and right-hand technique before explaining his personal technique. He then clearly demonstrates 29 phrases and 2 endings. All phrases are initially played at tempo and are then clearly demonstrated for the viewer.

This DVD follows the traditional gypsy method of instruction. No tab is provided and students are encouraged to learn by watching and repeating. Alternate close-up angles are provided for more in-depth analysis. Careful placement of chapter markers allows the viewer to repeat phrases precisely. The total running time for the DVD is over 3 hours.

Stochelo is playing Eimers Guitars model Antique on this DVD. Stochelo also uses the Stochelo Rosenberg Signature Model

Produced by Denis Chang

> DVD: Wawau Adler Jazz Manouche In the Style of Wawau Adler DVD

 Josef “Wawau” Adler is a jazz guitarist from the town of Karlsruhe in Germany. Wawau comes from a family of Sinti gypsies, so it is only natural that his biggest musical influence is the great gypsy jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt. While Wawau plays many styles of guitar, including bebop and modern jazz, he has gained an enviable, worldwide reputation for performing Gypsy Jazz. But Wawau’s musical style goes beyond simply following Django’s musical legacy. By adding influences such as Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, Pat Martino and George Benson, Wawau has developed a style which is uniquely his own.

Django made such a strong impression on musicians that it is easy to become lost in the study of Django’s awesome technique. For many players, this becomes an end in itself. But what starts out as a noble goal often becomes a trap for the Django enthusiast. Technical aspects such as speed and volume can cause many players to lose sight of the soul and feeling of Django’s playing. For Wawau, technique plays a secondary roll to the pure artistry of Django’s great music.

Almost 3 hrs of Instruction!

Topics covered include:
“In The Style Of Wawau Adler” is divided into two parts. In “The Songs”, Wawau and rhythm guitarist Denis Chang demonstrate Wawau’s style at slow, medium and fast tempos on 33 songs in the Django style. The songs were selected to demonstrate all of the common chord changes in the gypsy jazz repertoire. Although there is no tablature of Wawau’s playing, viewers will find much can be learned by simply watching and repeating Wawau’s phrases. Alternate, close-up angles are provided for more in-depth analysis.

The second section is “The Lessons” where Wawau gives valuable insight into proper rhythm playing, dynamics, tone control and phrasing. Wawau then demonstrates 17 Licks which the viewer can incorporate into his or her own playing.

Wawau has been a featured performer at many of the Django festivals throughout the
world. He has recently released two CDs “Back to the Roots” vol 1 and 2, featuing Holzmano Winterstein on rhythm guitar, Costel Nitescu on violin and Marcel Loeffler on accordion

Wawau is playing Eimers Guitars model Antique on this DVD

Produced by Denis Chang

> DVD: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

is a 2008 romance comedy-drama film written and directed by Woody Allen, and starring Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall.

The plot centers on two American women, Vicky (Hall) and Cristina (Johansson), who spend a summer in Barcelona, Spain, where they meet an artist who is attracted to both of them while still enamored of his mentally and emotionally unstable ex-wife María Elena (Cruz). The film was shot in Spain in Avilés, Barcelona, and Oviedo, and was Allen’s fourth consecutive film shot outside of the United States.

The film premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, then received a rolling worldwide general release that started on August 15, 2008, in the U.S., and continued in various countries until its June 2009 release in Japan. The film was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, including nominations for Bardem, Hall and Cruz in the Actor, Actress and Supporting Actress categories, and won the award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. Cruz won both the Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Actress in a Supporting Role. Altogether, the film won 21 out of 28 nominations.

Eimers Guitars
Very special for me is that my friend (guitarist) Biel Ballester (Biel Ballester Trio plus Graci Pedro, Leo Hipaucha) contributed to this movie with 2 songs he wrote. Both played on an Eimers Guitar. ‘Your shining eyes’ and ‘When I was a boy’. Check out Biel his web site at

> Book: Gypsyjazz Guitar Volume 1: A Tribute to Gypsyjazz – Einführung in den Stil des Jazzmanouche

Durch: Bertino Rodmann

Dem Gypsyjazz-Gitarrist Bertino Rodmann ist es gelungen, eine authentische Einführung in den bisher nur traditionell überlieferten Stil des Jazzmanouche, zu verfassen. Berühmtester Vertreter dieser Musik war Django Reinhardt. Ziel des Buches: Neben den typischen, rhythmischen und solistischen Aspekten der Gypsyjazz-Spielweise auch den Respekt gegenüber der uralten Tradition der Sinti zu vermitteln.

Inhalt: Rhythm Guitar: Comping • La Pompe-Rhythmus • Dead Notes • Gypsychords • Voicings • Blues-Kadenz • Chord Substitution

Solo Guitar: Reststroke Picking • Arpeggio Picking • Sweptstroke Picking • Skalen • Arpeggien • Solo Licks

Titel: „Blues Clair“ (Django Reinhardt) • „Blues en mineur“ (Reinhardt/Grapelli) • „Douce Ambiance“ (Django Reinhardt) • „Good Times“ (Bertino Rodmann) • „Minor Swing“ (Reinhardt/Grapelli) • „Swing 48“ (Django Reinhardt) • „Valse à Bertino“ (Bertino Rodmann)

Mit Play-alongs und Noten & Tabulatur

Bertino spielt Eimers Guitars model QUATRE CUSTOM (antique, pearl inlay)

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